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If there’s one thing that changes faster than the seasons, it’s fashion and makeup trends.Getting ready to return to the office? After a long year of makeup hiatus, it’s time to dust your makeup bag and gear up for exciting new trends and experimentation! From stained lipstick to dewy skin to bold eyelids, here are the top coolest makeup trends in 2021.

Stained Lipstick

After the unexpected hiatus lipsticks have had since 2020, this beloved makeup item is all set to make a comeback with a bang. But none of us would want to deal with lipstick rubbing off or the sticky feeling of gloss under a mask (which is here to stay for a while, let’s be honest). Stained lipstick is a simple yet sensual trend that’s not just easy to sport but can be altered to fit any occasion or outfit. From deep ruby to flirty pink, the right shade of color can lift both your complexion and mood!

Colored Mascara

In an era of face masks, most makeup is redundant. Except for your gorgeous eyes! Let them do all the talking by accentuating this one feature that can grab anyone’s attention. Spice up the classic black mascara with hues of cobalt blue, purple, or deep sea-green — the sky’s the limit when it comes to mascara colors. For more subtle results, add a top coat of brown or black to the colored mascara.

Dewy Skin

Soft and glowing dewy skin is the rage in 2021. From light peach blush to soft pink diffused finish, it’s all about achieving a healthy complexion with minimal effort.

You can also use a dash of highlighter to give a sun-kissed finish to your look. Here’s how—pat on a hydrating primer on moisturized skin to smoothen and blur out any imperfections and dab some peach illuminator to accentuate your cheekbones. That’s it!

Flamboyant Eye Shadows

Smokey eyes never went out of style, and in 2021, they’ve taken on a new avatar. Bright and vibrant eyeshadows have started appearing everywhere, mirroring people’s newfound energy.

On days when you wish to radiate quiet confidence, choose a deep grey or navy-blue shadow with a matte finish. And if you’re feeling bold, let your energy speak through shades of shimmering gold, glossy green, or intense pink.

Want to break free of the mold? Try electric neon, bright orange, lush turquoise, and deep purple.

Full Fluffy Eyebrows

While eyebrow slits are slowly encroaching the beauty space, natural, full brows still rule the eyebrow game. Avoid overplucking your brows, and let them grow out instead. Tweeze out only those sparse eyebrow hairs that don’t follow your brow’s natural shape.

You can use a spoolie to brush your eyebrows and give them a more polished, feathered look. Brushing your brows will not only add texture and fullness, but it will also keep your brows healthy by stimulating growth. If you don’t have naturally full eyebrows, use a thin brow pencil to add some upward strokes to fill the gaps.

Vivid Eyeliner

It may be time to bid goodbye to your familiar black eyeliner as bright, eye-popping colors are the norm in 2021. Whether winged or regular, intense and colorful eyeliners are set to reign supreme among the 2021 makeup trends.

From flattering electric blues to head-turning neon streaks, you have a wealth of options to pick and choose from.

Looking for something new? Emerald green, plush purple, and hot pink are among the newest hot favorites on store shelves.

No-makeup Makeup

The long, lockdown-induced days of the pandemic gave many people a chance to nourish and take care of their skin. It also paved the way for the no-makeup look that looks like it’s here to stay.

It’s all about being confident in your skin and enhancing what you already have instead of hiding your imperfections under heavy makeup. Avoid layers of foundations. A fresh face with some spot-concealing will do the trick. Pep up your look with light blushes, brushed up brows, and a dab of lip balm or neutral-colored lips.


While face masks might be part of your outfit, that shouldn’t stop you from having some fun with your look. With this list of the coolest makeup trends in 2021, you can be a trendsetter and experiment with abandon!