Beauty Tips


Finish concealers 

  • Is it possible to get radiant, blemish-free skin with just concealers? Giving up the makeup base and showing an even skin is possible if you know how. The key is to bet on light, modulable and natural-finish concealers that provide that «good face» effect without having to resort to heavy coverage or apply a large amount of product.


  • The number one goal of makeup is to achieve a healthy appearance and a luminous and blemish-free skin without having to resort to heavy bases that leave us that detested mask effect. It should be known that none of this is possible without a proper care routine, so if your goal is to show off juicy and natural-looking skin, you should start by taking care of your face every day (and yes, every day without skipping a single one only in the morning and at night). As for makeup, there are light foundations that do real wonders, but if you are one of those who can’t stand having to put on makeup, finding the right concealer can help you get what you want without too many complications.


  • When opting for one or another concealer, the prevailing maxim is to choose the one that is as close as possible to the natural tone of our skin. If we apply a concealer that is too light on a tanned person, the effect tends to be artificial, while if the opposite happens – dark corrector on light skin – the dull appearance is accentuated. Of course, if we have pale skin, it is always preferable to use a lighter tone to achieve a more luminous appearance, which will help to give our face a fresher appearance.


  • The quantity of product is another aspect to take into account. As with the makeup base, the more amount we use and the thicker it is, the more noticeable its application. It is very important not to overload the area and to use concealers that do not crack, preferably with a very liquid or light texture. Finally, having the skin prepared and well hydrated is essential so that the makeup remains natural, and in this case it does not matter if we are going to use foundation or concealer. Of course, if you are definitely going to give up the makeup base, these light concealers with a natural finish will be essential in your toiletry bag.