The smile is one of the features of the face that attracts the most attention. Scientific studies have carried out analyzes to understand the implications, its effects and all that smiling entails. One of the most interesting conclusions is the undoubted power of seduction attributed to our smile that involves the movement of few muscles of the face but provides countless benefits for our body. For this reason, we cannot stop thinking that we are increasingly concerned about taking care of our main weapon of seduction and wanting to show off a bright and luminous smile.

  • White Teeth

No doubt the whiteness of our teeth are very important. To make your teeth whiter and brighter you need to master some beauty tips, you need to enhance the color of our lips providing the necessary contrast with the white of your teeth to stand out the smile. It is not surprising that one of the favorite colors to achieve this spectacular contrast effect is the lipstick with all shades of red.

  • Lips

It is well known that lips with shades of red are the center of attention and it can change your mood and of course increasing your self-esteem, seeing how the most famous actress of the moment appear sooner or later in the different runways and world-class events with that perfect red look that enhances their style showing an enviable confidence.

To achieve the same result as the Hollywood Movie Stars, we must focus on cherry red or plum for red shades and on the pinks those that tend to violet or purple, setting us apart from those warmer colors such as yellow or orange.

  • Lipstick

A good lipstick should be easy to apply and when applying you should get an even tone. If you mix with a good lip gloss and a high-end Lip balm you will find the perfect combination for the dazzling smile.