The “No Makeup”
Makeup Look

A universally flattering look, the no-makeup makeup or natural look is a favorite of everyone, from celebs and models to us everyday individuals. It’s the one look that involves pretty much the same few basic products and yet can create wildly different results on different people.

So what’s “no makeup” makeup? Well, the bare minimum. Forget the contouring, full-coverage foundations, bold eye looks, etc., that Instagram is typically flooded with. What you need are some trusty products and some finesse to create that fresh-faced, I-woke-up-like-this illusion.

Here’s how you nail this look.

Skin First

Healthy, hydrated, dewy skin is essential for achieving a no-makeup look. While not all of us are blessed with porcelain-clear skin, a good skincare regime can help improve your complexion and keep the blemishes away. Use a gentle cleanser and make sure you moisturize regularly to keep your skin looking glowy and to avoid any dry patches for the makeup to cling on to.


The most effortless way to get a smooth base is to use a primer. A good primer will fill your pores without clogging them and give you a smoother base to work on. A primer prepares skin for your favourite moisturizer or foundation, providing something to hold onto, so it will last throughout the day without slipping, fading, or creasing.

Some expert in the cosmetic field thinks that primers can also help smooths fine lines, keeps pore free form obstruction and avoid wrinkles.

You can also opt for an illuminating primer to add some healthy shine and create a dewy look. It can give your skin a glow from within while keeping it hydrated and moisturized.

The Base

Foundations can be entirely skipped when you’re going for a no-makeup look. But you can still choose a light BB cream or a low-coverage foundation for a smooth and natural finish.

Another great alternative to a foundation is to simply use sunscreen. Not only does it protect your skin from harmful UV rays and slow down the skin aging process, but it’s also very easy to apply. Most modern sunscreens are lightweight and can give your skin a natural, matte finish. Just make sure you use the sunscreen before the primer.

Spot Conceal

Cover up your sunspots, dark circles, and blemishes with a lightweight concealer. Make sure you use the concealer on only targeted areas and don’t overdo it or you’ll end up looking cakey. You can set it using light, translucent powder, but make sure it doesn’t leave any powdery finish.

Blush those Cheeks

There’s something very appealing about flushed cheeks that, if done right, can make you look very youthful and striking. Use a cream blush as it tends to blend faster and better than a powdered one.

The best places to apply your cream blush are on the temples, nose bridge, and, of course, on the apples of your cheeks. A tip here would be to imagine where your face flushes after a vigorous workout or exercise and apply the blush on those spots. Rosy pink tint or an earthy peach hue are some great colours options.

Awaken the Eyes

Eye shadows can instantly pop up your eyes and give them a wide-awake look. For a natural effect, use shades that mimic your skin tones. A cream-based eyeshadow will also ramp up some glam effect. Apply a light shade to the inner corners near the duct, start blending the colour from the lash line and let it fade as it nears your brows.

You can then frame your eyes with eyeliner. Whether it’s a high-glam look or a basic no-makeup look, an eyeliner has the power to make or break it. Go for a light and subtle brown eyeliner instead of a dark and bold black one. Softly line the top and bottom inner eye rims and stay as close to the lashes as possible.

Groom Your Brows and Lashes

Voluminous lashes and full brows can take your simple look several notches higher with minimal effort. For the eyebrows, use a light brow pencil or powder to fill up any gaps. Then brush the strands upwards and away from your face to make them look fuller. As for mascara, use an eyelash curler to set your lashes in place and add a light coat only to the top lashes to give it some volume and body. Avoid mascaras that lengthen your eyelashes as they can make them look unnatural.


Regardless of the makeup style, a pop of colour on your lips can transform your look completely. Light pinks or a nude shade of lipstick would be perfect for a no-makeup look. Avoid dark, bold shades. Alternatively, you can use a tinted lip balm to make your lips look plump and juicy.



Though it may take some time to truly master this look, it’s totally worth it to aim for creating that perfect balance between natural and polished. The final goal is to look awake, bright, and glowing. Besides, you can always play around with some accent colors to take this minimal no-makeup makeup look to the next level. Love your ruby lips or neon eyeliner? Go for it! Makeup should always be fun!