5 Beauty Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

BEAUTY TRENDS 5 Beauty Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style Isn’t it maddening? To buy product after product to keep up with the ever-changing makeup trends? The moment you almost nail a look, the season has passed, and there’s another trend blooming. And if you’re not careful, your dressing table and cupboards turn […]

The “No Makeup” Makeup Look

TENDENCIAS DE MODA The “No Makeup” Makeup Look A universally flattering look, the no-makeup makeup or natural look is a favorite of everyone, from celebs and models to us everyday individuals. It’s the one look that involves pretty much the same few basic products and yet can create wildly different results on different people. So […]

Coolest Makeup Trends in 2022

FASHION TRENDS Coolest Makeup Trends in 2022 If there’s one thing that changes faster than the seasons, it’s fashion and makeup trends.Getting ready to return to the office? After a long year of makeup hiatus, it’s time to dust your makeup bag and gear up for exciting new trends and experimentation! From stained lipstick to […]

15 Minute Mind-Blowing Skincare Routines

FASHION TRENDS 15 Minute Mind-Blowing Skincare Routines http://excesscosmetics.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/iStock-657884196.mov#t=1 Don’t we all dream of flaunting gorgeous, flawless, and glowing skin without investing too much time and effort? But amidst family life, daily chores, work tasks, and everything else that keeps us busy, an effective skincare routine finds itself on the bottom rung of the priority ladder. […]

Skincare To Enjoy a Hassle-Free Winter

FASHION TRENDS Skincare To Enjoy a Hassle-Free Winter The season of winter is  upon us. While we prepare for cold weather, the season also brings with it a host of woes and worries. The deadly combination of wind, cold and sun can wreak havoc on our skins. So with the transitioning seasons, it’s also time […]

Lip color for whiter teeth and a dazzling smile

FASHION TRENDS LIP COLOR FOR WHITER TEETH AND A DAZZLING SMILE The smile is one of the features of the face that attracts the most attention. Scientific studies have carried out analyzes to understand the implications, its effects and all that smiling entails. One of the most interesting conclusions is the undoubted power of seduction […]